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About Me

Hello! My name is Khari, I'm a creator based in Evanston, Illinois. I'm a recent graduate of DePaul University with a focus in traditional animation. I have spent the last year working at my local Library sharing animation and art knowledge while gaining new and exciting experiences.


In my free time I enjoy filming home movies, collecting vintage items, and fixing them if they break.  Feel free to take a look around!


Chicago Storyboard

After spending what limited time they had with each other, two lovers part ways and the return to their separate lives. We follow one Lover as he mentally prepares for the long journey ahead.

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The Things We Tell The Ones We Love

THE THINGS WE TELL THE ONES WE LOVE is an interactive sci-fi thriller about a designer virus that attacks the pre-frontal cortex of select humans, causing damage to executive functions. Those infected enter into a Frenetic Random Activity Period, in which they temporarily lose inhibitions, act on impulse and do dangerous things.


Spaceport Babel

Quick, you have only 3 minutes to reach your connecting flight through this bizarre alien spaceport! Race through the hallways and dodge freaky aliens to catch your spaceship out of here!


Quotation Larks

A collection of quotes, questions, and statements scattered around the town for the reader to discover.




Sketches, GIFs, and More

These are a collection of sketches, illustrations and smaller projects I've worked on. Click on an image to learn more about them!



2-D Animation Programs

Clip Studio Paint

Toon Boom Harmony

Storyboard Pro

TV Paint

Adobe Animate

Adobe After Effects

3-D Software Programs

Autodesk Maya


Other Software

Adobe Premiere Pro


Evanston Public Library

February 2021 to Today

Run EPL Drawing Program

STEM Challenge Facilitator

Film It!​, Code It!, Cardboard Carnival

Sisyphus Productions

​January 2019 - June 2019

Grip & Audio Technician

Visual Effects Artist

 Train Jam 2018

March 2018

3D Asset Creation


Masters of Animation

University of Depaul, Class of 2021

Focus in Traditional Animation

Bachelor of Arts Art

University of Iowa, Class of 2018

Focus in Traditional Animation




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